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Imagine if we can provide the supply of healthcare needed to meet demand of Covid patients, without shutting down the economy?

What is Oxikit

A collaboration effort with the help of 200+ volunteers known as the Pillar Tribe  made up of Top Engineers, Fortune 100 executives, Chief Medical Directors, Scientists and innovative Entrepreneurs led to a rapid collaboration to bring the OxiKit to life. 

Keep Economy Open

75% hospitalized patients recover with high flow concentrated o2.

OxiKit delivers 1-15 LPM of concentrated o2 at 95% concentration.

Save Trillions

• Offload 50-75% of demand off the healthcare system

• Send concentrators to patients' homes w/ remote Telehealth monitoring

• ROX algorithm to predict hrs ahead to send critical patients to hospital

• Less deaths, catch them early- Less infected healthcare pros

• Easy to build designs even 16 year olds can assemble using common and locally found parts

This DIY oxygen consecrator design with its iOT hub delivers the following features

• A self regulating oxygen concentrator using the “Apollo” open source oxygen concentrator code that can work with any concentrator on the market, both new and used. 

• Automated flow rate of the oxygen concentrator based on the oxygen saturation level reading from a Bluetooth pulse oximeter. 

• Through wifi, device data from the pulse oximeter and concentrator automatically upload to the Global Telehealth Services Remote Devices Monitoring Telehealth Platform. 

• Doctors remotely monitor and have Telehealth video calls with patients who use the GTS app on their smartphone.

imagine a design free to the world

Well, Imagine no more. This solution exists now and has been proven to work. A few 16 year old high school youth raised $1,000 using gofundme.com in less than 24 hours to build the OxiKit DIY o2 concentrator. 

They then went to www.oxikit.com and bought parts listed from local hardware stores and online. 

They followed the step by step video instructions. 

They downloaded the free code from the website onto a laptop. Then used a common basic usb cable to connect the laptop to the small Arduino Nano 33 iOT hub, an all in one computer chip to operate the OxiKit. 

You Can Do it Too

With our complete and thorough and step by step tutorials, you can easily replicate the process and asssemble your own Oxikit and help us combat Covid-19.

The brains Behind oxikit

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