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Imagine building your own Oxygen Concentrator that produces an incredible 15 LPM at 98% concentrated oxygen using common parts found at local hardware stores worldwide? You can do it right now. Build your own OxiKit TODAY!

We believe saving lives should come before profits. We tested this system in a hot and humid Houston garage by running it 24/7 for 20 days. It produced over 90% consistently around the clock and the air compressor we used is rated for 4,000 hours of continuous use. On this one page you’ll find everything you need to build your own OxiKit.

Step by step Video Instructions. If you could put a lego set together, use simple tools, you could build this with these instructions. We designed this system and made videos that a teenager can follow to build the machine without the need for any technical experience

The Parts you need to buy.

The engineering designs. The schematics are not needed to build this. This DIY model is mind blowing in the engineering world. The schematics are for the techies to admire and salivate over in its elegance and simplicity.

This is incredible folks!

Engineers around the world are completely blown away. Posting the design schematics is kinda like doing a “Mic Drop” at the end of an awesome show for the engineers.

Thousands of engineers around the planet have been trying to hit just 5 LPM or 10 LPM with accolades for hitting 50% concentration levels. OxiKit got 98%…at 15 LPM. So look at the designs…do a little oooooh and aaaaawe, then just buy the parts, watch the videos and build the weapon to fight back against Covid. 

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 Now that you’ve seen how the OxiKit works:

1. Get the parts you need in the part list below

2. Go to Youtube and watch this Playlist of step by step instructions to build it

Connect with the OxiKit leadership team:

Maher Daoudi: OxiKit CEO
Serial Entrepreneur, International Platform Builder at Breakneck Speed 

Dr. Ted O’Connell: OxiKit Chief Medical Director
Chief Residency Director at Kaiser Permanente, Author, Speaker 

Ed Mousselli: OxiKit Engineering Lead
Genius, Introverted Dare Devil

Robert “Danger” Byrd: OxiKit Builder
Serial Entrepreneur, Magician, Engineer