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Pre-assembled Zeolite Sieve (20")

Pre-assembled Zeolite Sieve (20")

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The Zeolite Sieve serves as a component of the Oxikit that traps and removes Nitrogen from the air that is drawn into the machine. This is an essential part of the Oxikit required to process the air by filtering out the nitrogen and ensuring the primary gas that remains is pure Oxygen.

Get a pre-assembled Zeolite Sieve from us with all the required parts already included, pre-tested, and ready to be plugged into your machine.

Note: Two (2) Zeolite Sieves are needed in order to assemble the OxiKit.

What's Included:
3.5 Pounds 13x Zeolite in each Sieve
2x - PVC 3 in. Round Snap-In Floor Drain
2x - 304 Stainless Steel Woven 100 Mesh 0.18mm Hole Disk 75mm
1x - Sch 40 18"
1x - 3" Sch 40 PVC Coupling - Socket
2x - 3" x 3/4" Sch 40 PVC Reducer Bushing Flush Style - Spigot to FIPT
1x - 3" Schedule 40 PVC Male Adapter - MIPT to Socket
1x - 3" Schedule 40 PVC Female Adapter - Socket to FIPT

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